Art Classes with Nilou Afshar
I believe that we are all born with a natural urge to create, but the language of images,
   like the language of words, requires the mastering of skills.
-Nilou Afshar

Art with Nilou Afshar

Nilou's range and skill in art, design, and teaching has been cultivated through years of experience following her life from Iran, to Canada. She brings a unique experience to her classes which not only serves to help students understand the language of art, but also helps to guide individuals towards fully expressing their unique thoughts, ideas and emotions.

The language of art is universal, and is a medium which harnesses the capability of expression and communication without borders. Like any language, art takes time and patience towards mastering the skill. Nilou's art classes explore these ideas with students of any age, and any skill level.

Take the time to explore this website, enjoy the art, and to read more about Nilou Afshar and her classes.