Art Classes

Classes will be offered in Drawing and Painting.

Medias such as pencil, charcoal, ink and oil paints will be used and students are encouraged to work on subject matter of their choice, at their own pace. Individual guidance, as well as group guidance and critique will be offered to help guide students throughout each level of progress.

  • Adults (14+) 6 sessions (2 hour sessions) / $300
  • Children (6-13) 6 sessions (1.5 hour sessions) / $250

Parent Comments

Kyle and Ethan have benefited a great deal from your teaching at Forest Grove. Your patience and teaching techniques have helped them to set a strong foundation both academically and socially in their early childhood that will stay and grow with them for many years to come. I often find myself thinking back that we were very lucky to find such an amazing teacher for our children.
- Thanks, Belinda Kwong

My husband and I certainly appreciate the effects you have put on our son and his improvements have been obviously observed. Ms Nilou, you have very strong observation skills to notice the strength and weakness of every individual child. You take initiative to communicate with parents regarding children's progress. We won't forget it was you who pointed out that Thomas had some difficulties with some sounds and that made us realize the situation and found professional speech pathologist to correct his pronunciation early. It was you who presented us the fabulous job Thomas did at school including craft, math, writing etc. You constantly encourage Thomas in order to build up his confidence. My son spends more time at school with you than at home with parents. Everyday he comes home with something new and we are so happy to see our little guy growing well with health and happiness. Of course we are aware that you made this happen. We can't say Thank you enough but best wishes in your new role.
- Regards, Cindy

You have done very well in creating both a welcoming and encouraging learning environment. As a result, Chloe is very eager to go to school each and every day. In addition, the art that she has brought home is, parental bias-aside, absolutely amazing. I find your method of teaching from the fundamentals and then gradually advancing into more intermediate art techniques to be very effective.

On a personal note, I especially appreciated the 'Mother's Day Flower," you helped her to create. My daughter Chloe has been attending Montessori School for over a year now and during that time I have observed a great deal of professionalism and patience on your part. Through your teaching, she is now capable of reading the alphabet. When asked what the letter 'N' stands for she excitedly says that "N stands for Nilou."

Thank you so much for all you have done to guide, coach, and mentor Chloe in all aspects of life. I feel very fortunate that she has had such an inspiring teacher.
- Thanks, Lindy Lee