About Nilou Afshar

Nilou Afshar Art Classes

I believe that we are all born with a natural urge to create, but the language of images, like the language of words, requires the mastering of skills.

I chose to teach art, because it allows me to assist students in the process of building confidence as they learn to express their individual thoughts, ideas and emotions. In my experience, this growing confidence has a positive influence on their learning in general.

On a broader, more universal level, art satisfies our need to communicate without borders, since its language is international. People everywhere can, through art, learn so much about themselves as well as each other.

Professional Experience

  • Set Design for the short film "Breakfast"
  • Private Art Classes for Children and Adults
    Toronto, ON, 2009-Present
  • Head teacher, Forest Grove Montessori Pre-school
    Toronto, ON, 2008-2009
  • Co-teacher, Forest Grove Montessori Pre-school
    Toronto, ON, 2007-2008
  • Set Decorator, "Far" , 2006 Was invited to decorate the set for the short film "Far" from June to August 2006. This involved designing and implementing sets to match the flow of the film.
  • Guest Artist, Sheridan College,
    Oakville, ON, 2004-2005 Performed demonstrations for students. Helped if students had questions or problems about Lithography and Etching techniques in printing.
  • Art Teacher, 2001-2004 Teaching Drawing and Painting for Adults and Children.
  • Technical Assistant, "Space", OCAD
    Toronto, ON, 2000 Helped to publish hand- printed book "Space"
  • Print sale in Open- House Exhibition, OCAD
    Toronto, ON, 1998-2000 Sold prints to raise money for student's Scholarship in the Printmaking department in OCAD
  • Cover Designer, "You & Me", OCAD
    Toronto, 1997 Designed and Printed the Hand-printed book "You & Me"
  • Art Teacher in Pre-School, Tehran, Iran



  • Prints, Lennox Contemporary, Toronto, ON, 2009
  • Prints, Arts and Mind Studio, Oakville, ON , 2005
  • Prints, Gallery 401, Toronto, ON, 2004
  • Prints and Paintings, Acadia Gallery, Toronto, ON, 2001
  • Prints, 187 Wilfred Ave., Toronto, ON, 2000
  • Prints and Paintings, Annual Exhibition of OCAD,
    Toronto, ON, 1999
  • Prints and Paintings, Annual Exhibition of OCAD,
    Toronto, ON, 1998
  • Prints, Atrium of OCAD, Toronto, ON, 1997
  • Prints, Belleville Public Library, Belleville, ON, 1997
  • Prints, Belleville Public Library, Belleville, ON, 1996
  • Paintings, 2nd Biennial Exhibition of Iranian Painting,
    Tehran, Iran, 1993
  • Paintings, Exhibition of Iranian Artists,
    Tehran, Iran, 1991
  • Drawings (Solo), Art Institute, Tehran Iran , 1991
  • OCAP Anthology #20, Hand Printed book, Limited Edition of 100, National Library, Ottawa, ON, 1998
  • OCAP Anthology #20, Hand Printed book, Limited Edition of 100, Metro Toronto reference Library, Toronto, ON, 1998 Staff and students participate by completing one hundred signatures that are collated and bound into this limited edition book. Each participate receives a copy with the remaining copies being sold to raise funds for student awards and Printmaking publications.
  • Have Paintings and Prints in Many private collections in Canada and Iran


  • Relief Award, OCAD, Toronto, ON,1998

Professional Comments

Blessed with a substantial talent and bursting with creative ideas, Nilou has managed to master the necessary skills to express these ideas in record time and with impressive results.
- Rudolf Bikkers, OCAD professor, printmaking.

Drawing on her Iranian heritage, she incorporated this and brought it to life in her new, western environment.
- Ed Bartram, (retired) OCAD professor, printmaking.

I met Nilou at the Ontario College of Art and Design. As a student in my class Nilou was involved, creative and timely in everything she did.

Since then we have had long conversations about teaching and I have often noted her continuing clarity and insight into the workings of a young mind. She has a clear understanding of the needs of all the children under her care regardless of temperament. As she works with children in her class she soon recognizes the inherent strengths of each child. Those strengths become the child's inroad into learning with her encouragement. As well she establishes reasonable limits in her classroom with a firm but loving hand.

I strongly recommend Nilou as a wise and conscientious teacher of small children.
- Olga Philip, (retired) OCAD Professor, printmaking.